Addys Dutch Cafe & Restaurant

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Addys Dutch Cafe & Restaurant

Sorry on the moment we are closed due to medical reason. !

Opened in 1989 Addys was one of the first Downtown Restaurants and Cafe and is still of one of the most unique Dutch Restaurants in the US. Our cozy old world atmosphere gives you the feeling if you where in a 18 century old Amsterdam place with all its ambiance.

Addy’s menu is unique and diverse. We offer an eclectic mix of European treats with a heavy representation of Dutch cuisine and especially Dutch/Indonesian selections. Many people ask “So what’s up with the Dutch/Indonesian food----what is that all about”?  This is a brief explanation of Dutch/Indonesian food.  It involves an abbreviated history lesson. (Not only do you get something good to eat here----you also perhaps learn something that just might impress your friends the next time you play Trivial Pursuit)!  So, here we go----Dutch/Indonesian History 101.

In 1602, the Dutch sailed to Indonesian and settled there (after kicking out the Portuguese).  Re-named The Dutch East Indies, the cluster of over 7,000 islands cultivated a wealth of spices, such as nutmeg, mace, cinnamon and pepper. Spice was more valued than gold in Europe at that time, so the Dutch spice trade became the infrastructure for the wealth of The Netherlands (the tiny Western European nation that is home to the Dutch). In 1800, Indonesia became an official Dutch colony. After WWII, in 1949, The Netherlands recognized Indonesian independence, championed by General Sukarno---who later became the “prez” of Indonesia. Gradually, Indonesian colonists came to The Netherlands, making it their new home, integrating with the Dutch nationals and introducing new, exotic foods. (The owner, Addy, has many Indonesian members in his family). Indonesian food is considered Dutch food in today’s Holland (another not-exactly- correct, but familiar name for The Netherlands----Holland is just one very small section of The Netherlands). The way we think of pizza or tacos as American food is how the Dutch think of certain Indonesian dishes as Dutch. Make sense now? 

 A other dish we are famous about is our soups always made by the owner Addy. These handcrafted soups are what we call meals in a bowl with the finest ingredients and you will see soups from all around the world.

Lot of the interior came from Amsterdam where my Grandparents had a bar and of course over the years we collected more things.

I truly think Addys is a unique experience with a wonderful difers menu. We hope you enjoy your stay at Addys and see you soon back.