Addys Dutch Cafe & Restaurant

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Once in Amsterdam visit our sisterbar "De Drie Fleschjes" The Three bottles. Located downtown next to the Royal Palace and behind the "New" Church.  This is one of these unique places you can't miss on your visit to Amsterdam. This tavern is from 1650 and was part of a distillery.Not much is changed in all these years, you still can taste some wonderfull Dutch Gins and think you are in the 16 century. Joop and Jet are the King and Queen of this establishment. Terrific host and both can tell you a lot of the history.  They have a special drink " Boswandeling" a walk in the forrest. A must to have. You will notice the 50 barrels on the wall when you walk in. These barrels have names of friends or company's on it and if you noticed a pour with a lock. You can lease these barrels and fill them with your taste of liquor and have a drink when you want just ask the bartender for a glass. ( you need to have the key of the barrel) There are some snacks available like Joops famous meatballs served with salad. My favorite is a Amsterdam specialty "Osseworst" Oxmeat sausage. This specialty has its origins in the seventeenth century, when oxed were imported large-scale from Denmark and Germany. The spices in the sausage, such as pepper, cloves, mace and nutmeg came from the Dutch East Indies. Traditionally matured beef sausage made from meat that is smoked at low temperature, so the meat remains raw. Today's lean beef and Amsterdam Ossenworst is the base of smoking and aging are often omitted. In the same street there is a tradional fish sandwich store ( try the smoked eel ) and next to it Dutch Sandwiches   ( Broodje half om, two different meats, boiled liver and cornerdbeef )  very reasonable priced and very Dutch. 

Gravenstraat 18, 1012 NM Amsterdam